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Endostat III – Bipolar / Monopolar Electrosurgical Generator

The Endostat III Generator is intended for use in GI Endoscopy.  This unit is designed to have both bipolar and monopolar electrosurgical capability.


Some of the features are as follows:


  • A self-limiting energy system that is designed to limit the depth of burn penetration.
  • A variable speed peristaltic pump intended to provide precisely controlled irrigation.
  • Two bipolar modes: CONTINUOUS or VARIABLE TIME, designed to vary the duration of energy delivery.

         The monopolar capabilities of the Endostat III Generator are intended to provide physicians the ability to perform certain therapeutic procedures using standard monopolar devices such as polypectomy snares, sphincterotomes, and hot biopsy forceps. 


The Endostat III Generator also includes:


  • A choice of four individual RF waveforms: COAG, BLEND, CONTROL CUT, or CUT.
  • Receptacles that accept widely used monopolar active cords and disposable dispersive electrodes (patient plates, or grounding pads).

         The Endostat III Generator also features a new safety standard that utilizes two separate warning systems intended to help identify the cause of a problem and prevent surgical error. 

         The “Pad Fault” warning system is designed to detect a poor connection between the generator and the pad or between the pad and the patient.  In the event of a fault, the RF power is designed to be inhibited until the connection is corrected.

         The unit is also designed to monitor the output and the internal power supplies.  If the output or internal supplies exceed their specified limits, the unit is designed to go into a “System Fault” condition, which is intended to prohibit any output.  Also, the unit is designed with a maximum single power application time limit of 22 seconds, as a safety feature in case of a footswitch activation failure.

SpyGlass Irrigation Pump

The SpyGlass Irrigation Pump is designed to provide irrigation during Endoscopic surgical procedures. The Irrigation Pump is a peristaltic pump designed for use with the SpyScope™ Access and Delivery Catheter. It consists of a pump, footswitch and tubing set.  The tubing set mates with a standard bottle of sterile water or saline.  A portion of the tubing set will be placed in a peristaltic pump for flow creation.

Endostat II - Bipolar/Monopolar Electrosurgical Generator
Endostat II
A compact, portable, cost-effective bipolar/monopolar electrosurgical generator designed exclusively for endoscopic procedures.

Simple Design and Operation
Mode selector control permits selection of bipolar or monopolar energy
RF wattage control promotes accurate delivery of selected energy
LED display permits continuous monitoring of wattage output
Continuity alarm alerts staff to any disruption in the integrity of the return electrode cable
Variable speed peristaltic pump produces improved irrigation flow to quickly clear bleeding sites, enhancing visualization and procedural efficiency

Isoflow Blood Pump System
Isoflow System Console
Isoflow System Versatility

The Isoflow blood pump system is designed to offer you versatility to customize your set-up and optimize system flexibility.

Isoflow System Performance

The Isoflow system is composed of the console and a disposable pumphead that provide system flexibility, rapid set-up and ease of prime, excellent handling and improved accuracy through enhanced flow control. The Isoflow pumphead combines highly efficient performance and low hemolysis.

Isoflow System Value
Circuit and procedural flexibility, combined with strong clinical support and creative purchasing programs, make the Isoflow system the cost-effective choice for all of your pumping needs.

Isoflow System Console
The user-friendly console features self-diagnostics; ergonomic prioritized controls and displays are clearly visible from any angle.
Isoflow System